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Ceramic porcelain handmade sculpture mugs stocked in Singapore

Sculpture in Design

'Mr Grumpy' tumbler


This series of comical ceramic mugs was thoughtfully designed and handmade by Nadya and Dima Gurevich to inject that hilarity we all need in our life! Inspired by people’s peevish facial expressions, these mugs are perfect conversation starters during those coffee sessions with your gossip kakis.

As the saying goes, the moustache makes a man. Get this for your moustache-man and crack him up! This tumbler is cool enough to handle both hot and cold beverages and is dishwasher -safe. 
  • Height: ~ 10 cm
  • Diameter: ~ 8.5 cm
The makers, Nadya and Dima, enjoys making tableware that are functional yet thought-invoking. 

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