This line of agateware coffee cups by local ceramicist Janice Chan has got to be one of the smoothest lines of cups we’ve ever touched! The trademark swirls on the cup will reel you in while the texture of its exterior will keep you holding it for hours.

Even though it is possible to partially control how the swirl will turn out by using similar layering techniques of the various clays, it is impossible to create the exact same pattern, making the swirls on each cup unique to that particular cup.

After trimming 30+ cups, the swirls that unveil when trimming each of them still gives me that thrill and excitement. I love seeing how they move like a gentle brush stroke wrapping around each cup. In each cup, the pattern inside the cup and on the facade are different and unique, making the whole cups a full frame painting on its own. - Janice Chan

8 cm (diameter) x 9 cm (height)
Unglazed on the exterior