Carved porcelain bitters bottle with gold rim

Courtney Hamill
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This vessel series by Courtney Hamill is sure to set you drooling over aesthetically-pleasant handmade tableware! You can use these alluring vessels as a small vase or simply just as a display set on the coffee table.

This porcelain bottle features a unique hand-carved design and has been glazed with a clear, glossy glaze with an elegant gold rim. This bottle would be the perfect storage vessel for your spices, herbs or even your small flowers!

This bottle is watertight (cork-stopper is included). Food and dishwasher safe. 

Dimensions: 9 cm height (approx)


Courtney designs and executes small-scale porcelain sculptures by hand. Each piece that comes from her studio has been hand-made one-at-a-time so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike.