Chattered vase

Cai Zi Qiu
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If you are a sucker for wheel-thrown products, you definitely have to check out chattering pottery too! But here's a fair warning, you might just love it and you will spend countless of hours on Youtube looking through therapeutic 'chattering pottery' videos!

Well, we know we have spent way too long in the studio looking and caressing this set of wheel-thrown vases by Chinese artist Cai Zi Qui and its unique chattering marks. 

To produce those chattering marks, a metal tool is placed gently against the vase when it is leather hard on the wheel. As the wheel spins, the tool skips rhythmically over the surface of the clay, creating a string of nicks and hence giving its distinct textured decoration. The vase is entirely unglazed so it's suitable only for dried flowers!

A - Diameter 8.8 cm; Height 4.5 cm
B - Not available
C - Diameter 7.5 cm; Height 9 cm
D - Diameter 6.2 cm; Height 10.7 cm