Egg-yolk dish

Shan Shan
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Egg-lovers rejoice! Another unique product of Chinese ceramicist Shan Shan, these egg-yolk sauce plates are sure to to get you drooling way before breakfast! Now, the egg-yolk dishes come in three variations; the single yolk, double yolk and quadruple yolk.

To emulate the shape and form of a real egg, each plate is individually rolled into a thin slice and hand-shaped to form the irregular shape of a fried egg. It is then left to dry before glazing the yolk and the 'burnt' edges to make it look fried. 

Single: 7-9cm (diameter)
Double: 15-17cm (length), 7-8cm (width)
Quadruple: 15-16cm (length & width)

Shan Shan loves drawing inspiration from real-world interactions to create unique yet functional tableware such as these sauce plates!