This series was designed and handcrafted specially by local pottery brand, Eastfield, for H&M's 10th year anniversary in Singapore.

Inspiration behind this collection 

For this collaboration with H&M, we wanted to stick to our signature forms. Our most popular mugs are built with a slightly out-turned lip making it a comfortable point of rest when drinking. We experimented with a variation of green and blue tones to see which combination reacted best in achieving a look that gave contrast that was still pleasing to the eye.

Four different palettes were tested before we selected the palette for this collaboration. The white accents help accentuate the speckled blues in the setting of an olive green background. In this time of lockdown, it reminds me of my travels to Japan - the beautiful nature hikes that are accompanied with a gentle breeze amidst the coolness of the park and surrounding greeneries. 

- Megan and Sam, Eastfield

15-16cm (wide) x 2cm (tall)