This series was designed and handcrafted specially by local pottery brand, A Wild Spin, for H&M's 10th year anniversary in Singapore.

Inspiration behind this collection 

‘Patterns’ is a collection of tumblers and cups inspired by H&M’s brand. As the brand embodies waves of trend in textures, patterns and style of its fashion movements, the collection hopes to capture its essences and reinterpret it through a pattern making approach.

H&M’s brand logo is made up of directional strokes that brings an edge of motion in its design. These strokes are then used as a guide to create textures and colour patterns on the ceramic body. The outcome of following stroke directions as a guide produces irregular yet controlled patterns. 

As you hold onto the collection piece, run your fingers through its surfaces and explore patterns.

- Esther Ng, A Wild Spin

7cm (wide) x 8.5-9cm (tall)