Joyful bowl (C)

Clay Blossoms
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If you have a soft spot for organic and rugged earthen-toned tableware, you might want to sit down for this collection because it is definitely going to make you weak in the knees!

Handmade by Singapore-based brand Clay Blossoms using white stoneware, these joyful bowls have a serene satin-white glaze on the inside and a cheerful colour palette on the outside that was designed to give you that much needed midday perk! We can assure you, each bite scooped from this bowl will be enjoyed, planting a joyous smile on your face.

A: 13cm (diameter) x 10cm (height)
B: 12.5cm (diameter) x 7.5cm (height)
C: 10cm (diameter) x 8cm (height)