Tea-cup lovers, rejoice !

This line of rustic-looking tea cups, by Singapore-based ceramicist Carragh Amos, will add that extra oomph to your next tea (or sake) session. Hand-built using the uncommon kurinuki technique, these tea cups have an unmistakable exterior that is a delight to both your eyes and hand!

These cups were made from gritty Australian clay with its exterior purposely glazed white to accentuate the perfectly-imperfect carved lines you see. Check out the video of Carragh carving out this exact cup here!

Australian stoneware
White gloss glaze

Diameter: 6.5 cm
Height: 4.5 cm

*Kurinuki is a Japanese term relating to a particular hand-building technique which involves the carving out of the exterior and the hollowing of the interior from a single block of clay.

The tea cups from this line were listed individually so that you will able to pick the exact piece that you like.