If you are looking for a vessel to hold your tea for your afternoon break, this series of tumblers and cups by Kandura Studio is your answer! 

Made from porcelain, this ocha cup was hand finished with a reactive glaze that undergoes oxidation during firing to leave behind a particularly unique gradient pattern. So much so that the glaze appears to be dripping!

With a maximum capacity of 200ml, this would just be the right size for your afternoon tea! 

Diameter: 6.5cm
Height: 8.2cm
Volume: 200ml

Available in light blue, deep blue and red.


Jakarta-based Kandura Studio is the brainchild of four creatives and what started out as a small pottery studio 14 years ago has transformed into a platform for them to materialise their creative ideas across different mediums, ranging from biennale installations and wall tile replicas for a museum.