Pomegranate Incense holder

Lv Jin
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Well-known for his pomegranate line, we were delighted to finally be able to grab hold of Chinese artist Lv Jin's incense holders. Touch these pieces and we bet you would be infatuated too!

Lv Jin enjoys making functional ceramic pieces to suit his needs such as incense holders and tea pots. Made from Yixing clay, he builds his products by hand using the coiling method and cuts some of them into its faceted shape by using a pottery knife. At times, he mixes sand into his clay to give his pieces a speckled appearance. 

~ 2cm (diameter), 1.5cm (height) 

Incense should be around max 0.2cm to fit in comfortably


Inspiration behind his pomegranate line

When he was young, Lv Jin had a pomegranate plant at home although the local conditions were not ideal for one. It needed way more care than the other plants he had, making it very precious to him personally. Coupled with the pottery foundation that he had, his interest in pomegranates prompted him into starting the pomegranate ceramics line!