Poppy lace plate

Ignata Ceramics
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This elegant line of lace plates by Russian ceramicist Tatyana Didkovskaya is sure to bedazzle your dinner guests! (Lace lovers, be prepared to go berserk) 

For these lace plates, a doily is first rolled onto a slab of wet clay to produce a beautiful impression. The slab is then placed in a shallow bowl so that it is allowed to dry with the sides slightly sloped. 

Unlike the other plates from her lace collection, these poppy lace plates are made from a beige earthenware clay which gives it a vintage, rustic vibe! After the bisque firing, a white food-safe glaze is applied to enhance the texture of the impression and to waterproof the plate.

Due to its handmade nature, these plates may have varying depths of impression and pattern placement.

Dimensions (Diameter)
Small: 15 cm
Medium: 20 - 21 cm 
Large: 24 - 25 cm

Beige earthenware


Fun fact: Tatyana has a master's degree in construction and architecture, but hasn't worked in that field for a long time!