Purple swirl mug (special edition)

Jenisse Lau
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Nothing screams handmade more than this line of distinctive homeware by local potter Jenisse Lau! The unique shape of her products coupled with her characteristic glaze combinations blend together seamlessly to produce a visually uncommon line of tableware.

Heavily inspired by nature, Jenisse loves playing around with colours that revolve around two of her favourite fascinations - the ocean and the northern lights. We have to say... this swirl mug is giving us mega magical pixie dust vibes!

Diameter Ø: 7.5 cm
Height: 8.5 cm


As compared to the rest in this series, this particular swirl mug has a special stamp carved at one of the sides. The stamp was drawn by Jenisse herself. Hear about it from her:

" That '¥ looking' mark you see is actually my scar from a thumb injury back in 2019. It has been at least two years since and despite my pessimistic fears of thinking I might not be able to do pottery again, my hand recovered and I found that my skills had actually improved although I been away from the wheel for some time. Never imagined that I'd be back at the wheel and much less that my items would receive so much love from y'all. "