Rustic brush plate

Hellorat Project
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If you are a sucker for rustic tableware or anything rustic-looking, you will love these! Simple yet alluring, this series of tableware by Indonesian maker Rani Aryani of Hellorat Project is sure to get your heart racing and your hands all over it.
The plates are made up of a dark-brown earthenware clay and brushed with a glossy white glaze and some speckles, highlighting the raw textured feel and uneven edges. Each piece has a slightly different brush stroke pattern making each one unique.
Comes in four sizes - sauce bowl, small, medium and large plates. And you can gift them as a set too!  


Plate L: 16 cm x 10 cm
Plate M: 15 cm x 9 cm
Plate S: 14 cm x 7-8 cm
Sauce bowl: 6 cm diameter x 3
cm height