There is just something soothing about this collection by local pottery brand Mossypotssy that will make you feel light hearted and at peace.

Made from raku clay, this line of dishes was reduction-fired in a gas kiln to achieve that pleasing rustic look! During the reduction firing, the specks from the iron-rich clay were drawn onto the glaze, making the speckles more pronounced. To complete a very well-made and aesthetic shallow bowl, the satin matte glaze used has a neutral colour that will blend well with your other tableware pieces! 

15 - 15.5cm (diameter) x 5.5cm (height)

Notes from the artist:

Raku Clay is rich in iron. During the high-firing process at 1300 degree celsius, it is common for iron specks in the clay to melt onto the kiln shelf. When works are removed from the kiln after cooling, it is common for parts of the foot rings to be slightly chipped as a result.

I have taken care to grind down parts of the foot ring manually with a grinding stone to ensure a relatively smooth finish. Grey grinding marks can be seen on the foot rings. These are not defects but part of the outcome of firing raku clay at high temperatures.