Stormy-sea plate

Kara Ford
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This enthralling range of tableware was handcrafted by a self-confessed beach lover, Kara Ford, who had wanted to accentuate the volatile moods of the ocean. Even the shapes of the plates are reminiscent of rock pools at her favourite Devon Beach! 
These plates would add a queer yet chic dimension to your dining setting. Someone’s definitely going to be asking you about them! Would be the ideal gift for foodies or housewarming events.
Diameter: ~24 cm
Made with lead-free glazes; hand wash only!
Each plate is individually rolled out, placed over a special mould and cut by hand. It is dried very slowly for at least a week to avoid warping the plate, after which it is fired to 1060 degrees. It is glazed using a stunning stoneware glaze with layers of greys and swirls of deep glossy blues. 
The base of this plate is left unglazed, giving it an organic quality. The plate is high- fired for a second time making it strong and durable.