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Handmade teribi cup by Kandura Studio | Eat & Sip pottery Singapore

Kandura studio

'Not-a-piccolo' teribi cup


If you are looking for a unique vessel to hold your shots or tea for your afternoon break, this series of tumblers and little cups by Kandura Studio is your answer!

This cup has very interesting blends of pastel-coloured delights! Born out of an accident, it holds an odd volume of ~80ml. Designed to be a piccolo cup, nature had better ideas in store - the cup shrank more than the expected shrinkage rate during firing and... voila, we've just found the cutest cup ever! 

You can also use it as a mini-vase to hold a flower or two, or that tiny stalk you accidentally broke while grooming your plants. 

Stoneware with a mixture of glossy and matte glazes

Diameter: 4 cm
Height: 7.5 cm
Volume: 80 ml


Jakarta-based Kandura studio is the brainchild of four creatives and what started out as a small pottery studio 14 years ago has transformed into a platform for them to materialise their creative ideas across different mediums, ranging from biennale installations and wall tile replicas for a museum. 

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