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A dash of gold and a glimmer of hope!

As Singapore heads into the 'circuit-breaker' period and most of us have to stay home for one month, it's only a matter of time until there's going to be massive hair-pulling petty squabbles between family members (don't worry, all will be okay by the end of each day!)

So, we thought it will be timely to put out this post displaying some good-looking tableware that has a touch of gold to release some 'feel good' endorphins while you battle it out with your family members. This time, we will do one better by also providing some links if you feel like trying out a new recipe instead of quarrelling over that remote control

SinD Studio

First up will be our all-time favourite tableware line by SinD Studio. Nadya and Dima Gurevich's gold-rim-and-pastel colour combination makes them very popular among food stylists, photographers and even young Singaporean couples who are building their first home. Made from French porcelain, these plates and bowls are extremely light-weight and durable too!

Lush handcrafted tableware SingaporeHandmade pottery ceramics tableware | Eat & Sip SingaporeBreakfast made by yours truly in less than 10 minutes!

Breakfast on lush handmade tableware | Singapore ceramicsWith all these gorgeous plating, we are going to attempt to plate our meals for this month. Photo by @minimaliving

tumblinbumblincrumblincookie vegan blueberry pancake | handmade ceramics in SingaporeVegan wholewheat blueberry pancakes by Lin. You can check out her recipe here

Handmade porcelain bowl by Sindstudio | Eat & Sip Singapore ceramicsA smoothie bowl by @panacreas_pantry made out of frozen bananas, coco yoghurt, blue matcha, oats and almond milk.  Recipe here!

Facture Goods

If you are familiar with Aron Fischer's works, you'd know how quickly they sell out during every shop update! We have slow buttery fingers so we usually miss out during his shop updates (his products get sold really really fast!). Surprisingly, we managed to snag some of his wares for our own collection last year.

"I work with hardwoods, clay and metals to create small batch kitchenwares, utensils and provisions with a “primitive modern” aesthetic. By creating work that is somewhat rough, even crude, I am able to get my voice and touch into the work easily."

Facture Goods handmade ceramics | pottery tableware
Check out his line of tableware here (Photo by Aron Fischer @facturegoods)

Facture Goods handcrafted tableware SingaporeLittle pinch dishes for your spices, salt, and everything nice! (Photo by Aron Fischer @facturegoods)

Facture Goods handcrafted ceramics | Singapore potteryThat's some good looking kimbap by Joanne Molinaro (@the.korean.vegan) who likes to make vegan alternatives to Korean food by tweaking recipes to suit her diet.

perfect housewarming gifts this seasonGood old pasta in Facture Good's bowl - nothing more than olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, fresh basil and beautiful tomatoes (Photo by @the.korean.vegan)

Butternut lentil soup in handmade ceramics | Eat & Sip tablewareButternut Lentil Soup - check out the recipe here (Photo by @the.korean.vegan)

Amelia Kingston

One of the first few tableware lines we brought in when we first started Eat & Sip, Amelia's lovely line has proven to be an all-time hit with her distinctive blue waves and gold luster adornment. Stare at the waves long enough and you will be transported to your favourite island abode (wherever that may be)

Australia handmade ceramics | Singapore tableware potterythings to buy housewarming | Singapore handmade ceramicsHealthy afternoon snack

things to buy housewarming | Eat & Sip Flatlay goals by @connieandluna. We are hopeless at taking flat-lays, utterly hopeless.

Studio Ou

We have been admiring Yoo Hyeyeon's line of glassware for awhile. There's just something special about well-made glassware that we find so alluring. Clear or coloured, glass tableware always looks very elegant and posh and is especially more exquisite when light hits it and is refracted through!

housewarming things to buy Eat & Sip | glass bowlsHousewarming gifts to buy | Singapore handmade glass platesto buy for your friends gifts | Singapore handcrafted glass plateshandmade tableware shop SingaporeSpoilt for choice with so many colours (Photos by Yoo Hyehyeon @ouglasswork)

handmade tableware shop Singapore | glass platesPhoto by @seoulbund

Handmade glass tableware from South KoreaPhoto by @ksss999

Villarreal Cermamics

The latest artist to have caught our eye, Vanessa Villarreal creates playful tableware that features small sculptures made using the hand-building technique. She painstakingly cuts out the tiny figures and shapes from slabs before sticking them onto her slab-built body. Gold accents were then strategically added to make the tableware a little bit more snazzy.

slab built tableware by Vanessa Villarreal | handmade ceramicsslab built ceramics by Vanessa Villarreal | handmade ceramicsgifts for your mum this mother's day | Handmade potterygifts for your mom this mother's day | hand built ceramicsPhotos by Vanessa Villarreal @villarrealceramics.

Eliana Bernard

Marbled-pattern lovers, you are going to go crazy over this one! To create those aesthetically pleasing marbled effects on her tableware line, Eliana Bernard first pours liquid slip into a plaster mould before dripping in certain coloured 'stains' to create the nice blend of colours you see. The marbling pattern is then created when she uses a needle to gently swirl the different coloured slips together.

You can check out her making process here!

Eat and Sip handcrafted homeware SingaporeEat and Sip handcrafted homeware SingaporeEat and Sip handcrafted homeware SingaporePhotos by Eliana Bernard @elianabernard.

Eat and Sip handcrafted ceramics homeware SingaporePhoto by @settle_ceramics
Eat and Sip handcrafted homeware SingaporePhoto by @jennamcelroyphoto

Illang Studio

An upmarket and opulent brand by Korean ceramicist Park Eunsil, her tableware lines feature elaborate baroque-style ornaments, with gold lustre to highlight certain traits. We love it that her products have the ability to add a certain level of grandeur and class to any kind of setting!

Eat and Sip handcrafted homeware SingaporeEat and Sip handcrafted ceramics homeware SingaporeEat and Sip handcrafted homeware Singapore ceramicsHandmade tableware by Park Eunsil | Singapore ceramics potteryPhotos by Park Eunsil @illang_studio

Korea handmade ceramics Illang studio | Eat and Sip homeware SingaporePhoto by @yjenny624

Somehow, gold luster just seamlessly adds that extra bit of class to any tableware lines. And if you have ever wondered why ceramics with gold lusters are more expensive than those without, 2g of liquid gold costs an average of US$35! 

The liquid gold is made up of real gold particles suspended in a liquid medium. After it is applied to the tableware, the tableware piece is fired in order to burn off the organic binder. What remains is a layer of real, melted gold on your lovely piece.

Okay, time to get back to your squabbles!

PS. gold lusters are not microwavable.

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