E&S 〤 Lerae Lim

When we were deciding on the next ceramicist to work with for our exclusive collection, it certainly did not take us long to decide on local potter, Lerae Lim. Her tableware has such a distinctive clean feel that draws you in the moment you set your eyes on it and when you look a little closer, her attention to detail will make you gush even more in admiration.

For this collection, we knew that we did not want to stray away from the usual forms that Lerae is well-known for so we decided to play around with the sizes and colours instead. After plenty of discussions with Lerae (and hours of glaze mixing / making/ prototyping), we finally had colours that we were all excited about. 

Here's to hoping that her products manage to find a place in your home! Scroll down to see snaps of her products in various stages of production and check out her studio here.