Are you an F&B owner or looking to start a cafe/ restaurant business? Or have you just been 'arrow-ed' to look for personalised corporate gifts for the company this year-end festive season?Wholesale unique kitchenware cafes - Singapore

We may have just what you need! Eat & Sip+ is our wholesale line for our corporate clients such as F&B businesses who love to add a unique touch to their dining sets or companies that would love to give personalised gifts for the festive season.

F&B Clients  

Handmade tableware shop Singapore - Eat & Sip

Our wholesale line for F&B businesses are made by individual artisans who are able to customise the sets for your style. Most of the tableware are slip-casted and fired up to 1300degrees, making it more robust and durable for commercial use.

Corporate gifts

Handmade tableware shop Singapore - Eat & Sip

Subject to the availability of our makers, we are also able to wholesale most of our items for corporate clients. Just imagine your employees' delight at receiving the egg yolk dishes (pictured above) as their year-end gift! So if you would like to up your gift-giving game, shoot us an email.



Drop us an email at for a 'no-obligation' consultation! However, as all the products are handmade by small-batch artisans, we will need a lead-time of about 3-4 months from idea conceptualisation to final delivery.