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Eat & Sip goes local!

Eat & Sip was started, in 2015, on nothing more than a whim - after we amassed too much handmade tableware while we were on a certain trip (erm, that's another story altogether). Since then, we are proud to have worked with numerous talented makers from countries as far as the UK and Russia! 

Handmade tableware Singapore | Australia ceramicsThe state of our 'mobile office' when we were driving around Melbourne picking up ceramics and meeting makers

Handcrafted tableware Singapore | handmade potteryTaken way back in May 2017 when Lv Jin invited us to his home studio. We had picked out the pieces we wanted and Lv Jin's wife took a photo for recording purposes. Sorry for the grainy photo!

Back then, our mission for Eat & Sip was very simple. We wanted to champion local potters, makers and creatives by giving them a platform to sell their work. But as our store grew, our focus shifted tremendously to making it sustainable first - so we started bringing in more and more 'popular/hip' brands or makers from overseas. 

When we opened up our little studio in late 2017, we promised ourselves that we would have a 'section' for local makers, but.... things happen (we are both master procrastinators) and we are now coming to the end of our 2-year lease. As we reflected and realised how far we have strayed from our mission, we decided to stop putting it off and act now!

Handmade homeware Singapore | ceramic pottery studioProbably the only area in or studio that stayed unchanged despite moving the other furniture and display around a few times

In our little step to get back to our 'mission', we have asked five ceramicists in Singapore to stock their products at our studio for two weeks, starting from 30th November to 15 December, just in time for your Christmas shopping! 

Here is a little peek at what you can expect: 

Omelet Trees Studio


Tableware Shop Singapore | handmade ceramics Omelet Trees Studio

Pottery studio shop Singapore | handmade ceramics Omelet Trees Studio
Omelet Trees, Singapore handmade ceramics | Eat & Sip tableware

Serial Kilner

IG: @serialkilner

Handmade ceramics, made in Singapore

handcrafted ceramics, made in SingaporeHandmade tableware, made in Singapore Eat & Sip


IG: @ummuramics

Handmade tableware in Singapore, Ummuramics ceramics

Eat & Sip handmade ceramics, Ummuramics made in SingaporeUmmuramics tableware handmade in Singapore

Terra and Ember

IG: @terra.and.ember

Singapore handmade ceramics pottery gifts | Terra and ember

Handmade ceramics in Singapore | Terra and ember pottery

Handmade ceramics, made in Singapore | Terra and ember

Carragh Amos

IG: @carragh_amos

Handmade ceramics in Singapore | Kurinuki pottery

Handmade ceramics in Singapore | pottery by Carragh amos

Handmade ceramics in Singapore | wood fired pottery by Carragh amosPhotographed by Carragh


Drop by to check out their products, or to just have a chat with us! 

Dates:  30 November - 15 December 2019
Hours:  weekdays 4 - 9 pm; weekends 11 am - 8 pm
Address: LTC Building B, #02-06A, 12 Arumugam Road, Singapore 409958
By public transport: A minute walk from MacPherson MRT Exit B. 

Singapore handmade ceramics pottery giftsOur current studio arrangement, but not for long!

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