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E&S visits London #1 - Markets

It's been over 10 years since we last visited London, or even Europe for that matter, so we knew we had lots of ground to catch up on when we planned our trip to London & Scotland! We weren't too keen on visiting most of the touristy places again but we knew we had to check out as much markets as we can since London has quite a vibrant creative scene! So here are our top 3 recommendations: 

Stepney Christmas Market at Stepney City Farm

Handmade ceramics London | Eat & Sip

We quite liked this one! Stepney Christmas market was located in Stepney city farm, which is literally a farm (yes yes with animals) so we think that this would be perfect for families with kids. Also, the location was quite accessible! 

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & Sip

We loved the laid-back vibe of Stepney's christmas market - there was a choir and band ensemble churning out your favourite carols while you shop. Shopping was good too - there was a good mix of booths with a large variety of food, ceramics and handicrafts! Our only regret, we woke up a little too late, so pro-tip: arrive early! Here are some of the potters that were at the market.

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & SipImperfections by Plam

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & SipQuirky figurines and candle holders by Christina GregoriouAren't these super adorable?

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & SipA woodworking studio - The Green Wood Guild! There was plenty of lovely hand-carved utensils on sale.

Jess Joslin Christmas Studio Sale

There were a couple of art studios based in Stepney City farm itself and one of the studios belonged to a potter - Jess Joslin! She was having a Christmas studio sale so we just had to join the queue.  

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & SipNo prizes for guessing how much we spent here! 

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & SipJess Joslin also stocked products from other makers as well for this studio sale and that curvy plate is by Skye Corewijn.

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & SipLeaving this and the next photo here for you to ogle at the variety of ceramics!

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & Sip


Columbia Road Flower Market

The next market that we would highly recommend is not actually an art market, but a flower market - Columbia Road Flower market. Every Sunday, this quaint street transforms into a pedestrian shopping street with beautiful flowers everywhere! The market offerings change throughout the seasons and since we were there in December, there were a lot of Christmas trees and fruit wreaths.

We were actually a little envious when we saw the trees getting 'bagged up' and carried home! Of course, there were still lots of fresh flowers and potted plants up for sale too. Check out the following snaps to gasp at the vast amount of flower vendors there!  

Handmade ceramics London markets | Eat & SipThis was at the start of the flower market - it was equally filled with flowers and people!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipFlowers galore!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipAnd more flowers!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipA customer carrying his new 'bagged-up' Christmas tree home

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipChristmas trees of all sizes are up for sale!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipThere were little planters and cacti too! Perfect for black thumbs like us.

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipAmidst the chaos of the market, don't forget to visit some of the cool indie shops lining the road!

It may be easy to overlook but the shop houses, lining the street, house numerous eclectic and cool boutiques and cafes that are definitely worth a visit. I promise you, you will definitely need more time at this street! Some of the independent shops you might recognise are In Habit (a homeware shop), Straw London (a vintage basketry and homewares shop) and Nom Living (a handmade tableware and homeware shop).

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipIn Bloom - Lovely planters and Accessories

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipA cosy coffee shop tucked in a little nook between two shops

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipJH Lee & domestic - Christmas Decorations & Interior Accessories

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipWe've been seeing and following Nom Living on Instagram for the longest time and it was quite refreshing to see the space in person!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipPlenty of handcrafted tableware!

Okay, here's another pro-tip. Look for this alley along Ezra Street for Andrea's Mexican hot chocolate - it is a must-try! (The Courtyard, Ezra St, London E2 7RH, United Kingdom) Think of it as hot chocolate with a dose of chilli padi. 

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipTucked in a quiet alley behind the main street, we found some cafes and shops that are equally charming such as Andrea's Mexican hot chocolate!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipHot chocolate... with a dash of chilli and salt !

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipA seafood shop blessed with art all around! 

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipSome of the art pieces were on sale too.

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipKlei, a shop stocking handmade tableware by UK-based potters, is just around the corner too ! 


TOAST Festive Market

Unlike the first two markets, TOAST festive market was more of an impromptu decision and boy, aren't we glad we made it there! The market was at Coal Drops Yard and the setting itself would be a strong reason for anyone to head there. Built in 1850, the historic coal drop buildings were originally used as a coal distribution and storage facility before it became a warehouse and office facility but by 2008, they were derelict.

Fast forward to today, Coals Drop Yard has now become a shopping destination with a good mix of independent shops and signature brands! 

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipHave we already said that Coal Drops Yard is quite charming? 

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipWe definitely loved the vibes of the place! 

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipSince we went on a weekend, it was quite crowded but Coal Drops Yard is huge, so you may not even notice it!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipAn interesting shop in Coal Drops Yard that caught our eye - STORE STORE

STORE STORE stocks unique products that are made by young people in their weekly after-school creative club, SCHOOL SCHOOL. The objects designed by the participants will be sold in the shop with royalties going to a cause of the student's choice!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipCoal Drops Yard is so huge that it was hosting another market in another section of the grounds!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipWe were treated with an entire choir ensemble, belting out all our favourite Christmas songs! 

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & Sip

Okay, back to the market! TOAST is actually a British lifestyle brand and was the creative force behind the festive market. TOAST curated an impressive list of independent makers and artists and each weekend, the vendors would rotate. From woodwork, textiles, illustrations and of course ceramics, TOAST did a really great job curating the list of artists!

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & Sip
Works by Pip Hartle

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & SipA table shared by Andrea Roman, Grace McCarthy, and Lily Pearmain 

Handmade ceramics Singapore | Eat & Sip4 of the goblets we picked up from her booth for our web-store update!


We've visited a lot of markets in different countries throughout the years and we think that these 3 mentioned above are really worth the visit. Given the chance, we would definitely revisit these markets (let's hope that TOAST will organise another one in 2024!)

Also, if you are a potter-head and are interested in checking out the Open Studios that we visited in London, stay tuned for the second part!

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