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Nadya and Dima Gurevich
Handmade tableware in Singapore
Who doesn't love those cute adorable mugs! 

Recently, we got in touch with Dima and Nadya Gurevich from Sculpture in Design Studio. They are the hands (and brains) behind those quirky and unique sculpture mugs, as well as the Lush tableware collection on our site. If you don't already know, they work with porcelain, which is known for being the most durable and highest quality of clay!

Handmade porcelain tableware in SingaporeMouth-watering photos by @ps.ny

the Tableware Curators: Hello there guys, do give us a brief background information about you two and the ceramics scene back at your country?

Nadya and Dima: Hi, we are Nadya and Dima Gurevich – co-founders of SCULPTURE in DESIGN and we are also a couple! We have a studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ceramic design has always been popular in Israel, so it has a very long history – both as a hobby and as a professional field. 

Sculpture in Design |  handmade ceramics in Singapore Nadya & Dima's studio

TC: How did you get started in ceramics and are you doing this full-time?

N&D: Dima studied ceramics design at the Bezalel Academy of arts and design while Nadya majored in Industrial design so naturally, our skillsets are complementary to each other. Just slightly earlier before we graduated, we decided to work together and open a studio. Today, we are glad to say that our ‘hobby’ is our full time work!

Sculpture in Design | Singapore handmade ceramics

TC: Your mugs are certainly very unique and have been attracting quite an attention. What’s your creative process like?

N&D: Hmm, we don’t work on the wheel. We just seemingly have a lot of ideas and would try to develop all of them as much as we can. When we have an idea, we would just go ahead and make rough sculpture of the future products. If we love how it turned out, we would make a mould for them*.

Sculpture in Design |  handmade ceramics in SingaporeWorks-in-progress in their ceramics studio!

Sculpture in Design | Singapore handmade ceramicsSalt and pepper shakers sculptured after some of the world leaders!

TC: Which other ceramicist’s work do you like the most (besides your own work of course)?

N&D:  We really love the Imm Living studio designs!

Sculpture in Design |  handmade ceramics in Singapore'Getting the boot' has a new meaning now! You literally get a boot! 

TC: Any last words for aspiring ceramicists?

N&D: You can do anything with ceramics – art objects, functional everyday items, decorative pieces… So be open to it and use all the possibilities that it gives you! 

Sculpture in Design |  handmade ceramics in SingaporeHey, Grandpa?

SinD studio opened up their first retail shop back in March and we shall end it off with a few snaps of their work and space! Check them out -

Just look at their gorgeous shopfront!

A snap of their shop's interior. Love the tiles!

Sculpture in Design |  handmade ceramics in Singapore
Brains for dinner?

Sculpture in Design | Singapore handmade ceramics

Can you tell that's a teapot?

Sculpture in Design |  handmade ceramics in Singapore

Realistic baby fats

Handmade tableware in Singapore To check out more of their works, click here


* Dima and Nadya Gurevich's works are made from a method of pottery called slipcasting. For this slipcasting method, liquid clay, also know as slip, is poured into a mould for it to take the shape. PS. Check out our next post for the different pottery methods

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