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Nobuhito Nishigiwara

Nobuhito handcrafted ceramics

This week, we got to ask questions to Nobuhito Nishigawara, the maker of those simple yet aesthetically pleasing tableware found on our site!

the Tableware Curators: Hi Nobu, do tell us a little bit about yourself and your background with ceramics.

Nobuhito Nishigawara: Hello guys. I'm Nobuhito and I'm currently based in Orange County, CA. I grew up in Japan where I took my first pottery class. My serious interest in ceramics began when I studied with artist, Sadashi Inuzuka at Frasier Valley University College in Canada. After which, I went to Kansas City Art Institute where I was an assistant to world renown potter, Ken Ferguson. I continued my studies with grad school at Arizona State University, studying with artist, Kurt Weiser. All of these artists among others were influential in developing my interest in ceramics.

Nobuhito handcrafted ceramics

TC: What do you love so much about pottery?

NN: I love the versatility of the medium. We can create functional and non-functional pieces. I also love the earthiness and playful quality of clay. Working in clay remind me of playing in the dirt when I was young.

TC: What's your creative flow like?

NN: I usually draw a rough sketch of what I'm going to make then I'll work on the wheel. It takes multiple attempts to get the correct form. Once I have the form I want, I make multiple pieces and use them to test the functionality. Finally, if I'm happy with it and no changes are needed to be made, I will create custom forming tools for production.

Nobuhito handcrafted ceramics

TC: We love your pieces, they have very clean designs yet are very pleasant on the eyes! What inspires you for your work?

NN: I am inspired by the creation of multiple pieces that will become a part of so many people's daily lives. My line is based on ideas from the Japanese Mingei craft movement; creating handmade, affordable pieces that are made with the intent of being used daily.

TC: Which other ceramicists do you follow very closely?

NN: There are a lot of inspirational artists who use ceramics and I've been directly inspired by artists who I've worked with. Recently, I'm inspired by Tetsuya Otani's work.

TC: Lastly, what would you say to budding ceramicists?

NN: Quantitative practice creates quality. Keep working!


Nobuhito handcrafted ceramics
Nobuhito's line of minimalistic tableware

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