“We have lost all connection with who makes our food, who makes our goods, who we're buying from, and how it was created. We have no idea how this product arrived, and it's a huge problem. We need to start thinking about how it got here and where it's going after you're finished with it"

Handmade tableware shop in Macpherson, Singapore | Eat & Sip

Here's our story - 
Being typical kiasu Singaporean millennials who love scouring the big web for cheap products and a good bargain), we’ve never really thought of how our buying tendencies could impact the world. That is, until we went travelling a few years ago and started having meaningful conversations with makers from different parts of the world. It was quite refreshing to be able to put a face behind a product and hear the stories and inspiration behind it.
At that moment, we just knew we had to be the story tellers for these artisans!  At Eat & Sip, we work with a curated community of small-batch artisans from around the world and provide them with a platform to showcase their work and tell their stories.

, think of 
Eat & Sip as our  little way of offering our generation and hopefully the next a more mindful eating and drinking experience. So when you drink from a handmade mug, you can now appreciate the time and skill in producing it and maybe even think of the maker while waiting for your tea to brew.

 We’re pretty sure you will love them and their work, 'cos we know we do!


Liyuan & Shah 


Eat & Sip Studio (by appointment): 50 Gambas Crescent, #09-11A Singapore 757022 (Proxima@Gambas). Drop us a message or email at thetablewarecurator@eatandsip.co in advance if you would like to pop by. 


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