“ We have lost all connection with who makes our food, who makes our goods, who we're buying from, and how it was created. We have no idea how this product arrived, and it's a huge problem. We need to start thinking about how it got here and where it's going after you're finished with it ‘’
Eat & Sip is our little way of offering our generation (and hopefully the next) a more mindful eating and drinking experience. So when you drink from a handmade mug, you can now appreciate the time and skill in producing it and maybe even think of the maker while waiting for your tea to brew (not in a stalk-ish way!). 

Come join us as we tell the stories of the makers and the inspiration behind their products! Here are some of the products of our makers:

3D printed ceramics pottery Singapore 
Ceramic takeaway tumbler | Eat & Sip 
Handmade tableware Singapore | Eat & Sip Singapore