It's time to take pottery to another level. We know we've been using the term 'unique / one-of-its-kind' a lot, but this collection really takes the cake!

This entire collection by Melbourne-based Alterfact studio, features 3D-printed homeware that are as mesmerising as they are interesting. All of their pieces were 3D-printed with porcelain, assembled and then glazed and fired to 1280 degrees celsius in their Brunswick studio! 

This ceramic cup has a detailed texture that was inspired by cut crystal glass and was printed using Southern Ice Porcelain to achieve the whitest cup possible. Glazed both on the inside and outside, this cup can be used for all types of liquid and is dish-washer safe!

Southern Ice Porcelain 
Clear glaze on the inside and outside

Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 7 cm


Alterfact studio is an award-winning experimental design studio created by artists Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau in 2014. Click here to be mesmerised by their 3D-printing process!