This series was designed and handcrafted specially by local pottery brand, Synceramic, for H&M's 10th year anniversary in Singapore.

Inspiration behind this collection 

The "Rice" collection was designed to celebrate the diverse cultures of Singapore. Even though Singapore is made up of many different races, rice is still fundamentally the primary source of evergy for many Singaporeans and it is so deeply rooted in our food culture that we cannot not think about it whenever food is mentioned.

I remember growing up in a typical Chinese family where we always have rice on the table, along with the side dishes and soup. Sometimes, a bowl of rice with simple mixed vegetables will be enough to fan away the hunger pangs while at times, it will be a full-blown '9-course' meal with plenty of other dishes (primarily during special occasions). In that sense, nothing screams Singaporean more than a bowl or plate of rice!

 - Yang Ce, Synceramic

12cm wide x 7cm tall