This martial arts series of mugs by Chinese ceramicist Liu Kun is as eye-catching as it is ludicrous! These mugs are peculiarly distinctive and will definitely be the 'talk-of-your-kitchen' whenever you have guests over. 

The mugs are made of white clay glazed in celadon glazes, making it appear softer and often semi-opaque (a semi-translucent shade of green that emulates the appearance of jade). 

Hammer: 9-10cm (diameter), 8.5cm (height), 12cm (length across whole cup)
Arrow: 10cm (d), 9cm (h), 17cm (l)
Axe: ~9cm (d), 8-9cm (h), 14cm(l)
Throwing Star: ~10cm (d), 9cm (h), 14cm(l)


The inspiration behind this line came from an accident where Liu Kun accidentally dropped his tool onto an unfired ceramic cup and it broke. The idea of a hammer 'smashing' cup sparked off this line of tableware and the rest is, let's just say history