Candy Paint Palette

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Paint lovers, you are going to adoreeeee this little handmade paint palette by Thai artist Suwanya Saksombat! 

At a glance, the natural water colours will grab your attention but the awry uneven shape adds that final little bit of charm to the palette, making it irresistibly cute. What's even more winsome about this palette is that the paint in the palette are made from all natural ingredients such as gum arabic, honey, clove oil and other natural pigments (soil, sap, lac, indigo).

Length across: ~ 9 - 10 cm

This palette consists of the following components:
White clay, orange clay, copper, indigo*, gamboge, lac.

The paint may 'crack' when it is dry but sprinkle in a bit of water and the paint is active again!&nbsp


Indigo: a natural dye extracted from fermented leaves of Indigo plant and other certain plant species.
Gamboge: a naturally-yellow resin produced by certain trees in Southeast Asia.
Lac: red resin that is secreted from a certain type of scale insect.