Behold, dinners are about to get a whole lot more beautiful!
This set of lush tableware by Dima & Nadya Gurevich, is going to add a stylish edge to your dining artillery. Made from French porcelain with a splash of gold at the rims, these delightfully- coloured plates and bowls would make every dining occasion a joyful celebration! 
Perfect for gifting your friends for his/her special day or also as a BTO present for your newly-wed friend! 

This set consists of: 
2 x Dining plates (1 Blue, 1 Pink)
2 x Dessert plates (1 Blue, 1 Pink)
2 x Bowls (1 Blue, 1 Pink)
Dimensions (diameter)
Dining plate - 26 cm 
Dessert plate - 18 cm 
Bowl -17 cm