Nerikomi accessories dish (Medium)

Janice Chan
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Timeless, simple and elegant - those are the usual trademarks of local potter Janice Chan's tableware pieces but this time, she has pulled off a 180 by releasing this nerikomi line of dish plates!

Nerikomi is a traditional technique that involves the stacking and cross-sectional slicing of different coloured clay, which will then later be used to create the final form! For this dish, Janice used a mix of stoneware, grogged clay, porcelain and porcelain stains. The end result is a beautiful confluence of all the different types and colours of clay. 

A: 18 cm (diameter) x 1.5 cm (height)
B: 14 cm (diameter) x 1.5 cm (height)
C: 11 cm (diameter) x 1 cm (height)

This dish is not food safe and should be used only for accessories or as an incense dish.