You might have never seen another tableware line this eye-catching! To produce that hypnotically beautiful surface design, Mystery Creek Ceramics utilised the traditional nerikomi technique ever so brilliantly.

Nerikomi is a decorative process that involves the stacking and cross-sectional slicing of different coloured clays. Paper porcelain clay is first turned into a liquid, stained with the different colours and then dried out again so that it is workable. After which, the clay is cut into layers, stacked up together and rolled as hundreds of individual layers. The patterned block is then subsequently sliced, rolled and cut out into its final form (mug/plates/bowls).

Although the pattern is controlled to a certain extent, the element of randomness may sometimes surprise you (in a good way) when each piece made from the same block can turn out so vastly different after it gets into the slab roller or the kiln.

Diameter: 8 cm
Height: 9 cm


Due to the nature of the nerikomi process, the pattern on the piece you receive may not be exactly as pictured - some of the patterns are more subtle than others.