HEY YOU, we caught you sneaking a glance! 

If you are looking for a pot that is a little bit more risqué than the usual, you are in for quite a treat! 

For this series of pots, we have collaborated with a local artist, Ly Yeow, to dress up the 'all-time-favourite' terracotta pots and we are pretty sure you would be floored by the end product. Ly's works are always so emotive yet dreamy and this series is such a stellar example of that. 

Inspired by her two cats that were adopted from the streets, these pots were designed to champion her stand on adopting animals instead of shopping for them!  

Dimensions: 4.75" x 4.75" 
Type of Paint: Martha Stewart acrylic

Note: The pot, made by Group Partner, is cast in red terracotta clay and features a hole at its bottom.


To protect the artwork and make sure that the cat stays around for long, we would recommend using a plastic pot inside of the lovely pots.