Time to sit back and enjoy your coffee after the long day of work! This gift box was put together for the judicious tea/coffee drinkers and is ideal as a gift for the refined couple who enjoys their beverage as much as each other's company! 

This box consists of:

2 x Frosty Green Mugs 

2 x Tea spoon


The frosty-green mugs were lovingly handcrafted by Kara Ford from the United Kingdom. As they were made from stoneware clay, the mugs are strong and durable enough for everyday use. The frosty blue-green matt glaze on the outside is unique to each individual cup while the glossy transparent glaze on the inside allows the natural speckle of the clay to shine through. Coupled with the handcrafted tea spoons from Taiwan, this gift box would be the perfect gift as housewarming gifts for newly weds! 


Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Dimensions: 8 cm height8 cm diameter
Volume: ~ 250 ml