The product of a father-daughter duo, this entire collection of wooden utensils were expertly hand-carved from select pieces of wood such as mountain ash and apple wood.

The timber is dried naturally for about 6 months before it can be used for carving. Each piece was then carved individually following the shape of each piece of wood. After which, an organic flaxseed oil and beeswax is applied for a perfect finish!    

Heat-resistant and safe to use with liquids.

Care instructions 

Wash by hand using dish soap. Wipe with a cloth or a paper towel and let it dry naturally. Oiling is optional once a month with coconut, flaxseed or olive oil.


We have no idea which we love more, the fact that we can see the beautiful grains of wood on each utensil or the story behind the daughter-father collaboration despite their distance apart geographically.