Local pottery brand Clay Shenanigans fused together contemporary and traditional elements ever so brilliantly to produce this series of tableware. The simple and neutral forms combined with the occasional pops of colour will definitely evoke a sense of comfort and joy in you!

This rustic shiboridashi set is the perfect accompaniment to any table setting, even if it is outdoors! Whenever you feel like brewing your favourite tea, just pop in your tea leaves and you are all set. The aesthetic of the shiboridashi was intentionally left organic to complement the colours of your loose tea leaves!

Shiboridashi (teapot)
Diameter: 7.5 cm
Height: 7.5-8 cm (without lid) / 9.5cm (including lid)
Volume: 120-150 ml

Tea cup
Diameter: 6 cm
Height: 5.5 cm
Volume: 60 ml

This set consists of one shiboridashi teapot and one teacup.