Yup, you did a double take, didn't you? 

The perfect blend of whimsical, quirky and function, Rachel Charge's homeware collection is sure to provoke conversations in your home! Inspired by womankind, female empowerment and fertility, it is no wonder that her products are an exuberant celebration of the female form.

These bowls are the ones you need to eat your ice cream from before plonking yourself on the sofa to Netflix and chill. 

Sand stoneware or paper raku
Pink glaze

Small bowl
Diameter: 8 cm; Height: 5.5-6 cm
Capacity: ~150 ml (143-158 ml)

Medium bowl
Diameter: 8.5-9.5 cm; Height: 6.5-7.5 cm
Capacity: ~250 ml (243-269 ml) 


Rachel loves working with raku clay or any other medium that has beautiful and interesting textures such as paper, sand or other minerals. The use of such materials leave a very lovely textured feel to the product, which we love!