Easy on the eyes and equally delightful to touch, it would be near impossible to keep your hands and eyes off this series of seagull jugs by ceramicist Kira Ni!

Hand-built using the coil technique, the white colour that you see is the natural colour of the porcelain used. The jug is glazed only on the inside, accentuating the lovely texture of the unglazed porcelain exterior that you just can't get enough of! Each jug is also stamped with a unique number at the bottom so that Kira can always keep track of her flock of seagulls. 

Useful as a pourer for syrup or cream, this little jug is an eye-candy that every house needs! 


Height: 7.5 cm
Diameter: 5.5 - 6.5 cm
Length (including spout): 7.5 - 8 cm