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3 of our favourite Instagram accounts that are 'baking' hot

We understand, work and Mondays aren’t usually a good combination. So here, go check out these delicious mouth-watering local Instagram accounts at your desk while you ‘work’.

1. @imehly

A local food & product stylist that has an amazingly themed feed! Sometimes, we get all narnia-lost just scrolling through her photos. She has another gorgeously-themed instagram account but with a starkly-lighter background: @theehlyx.

{all to myself} Blueberry Early Grey Tea Loaf || brb - excuse me while I give all my attention to this little loaf ♥

A post shared by EHLY || FOOD & PRODUCT STYLIST (@imehly) on

 2. @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

Fair warning, this account will make your stomachs grumble! This feed is filled with amazingly photographed food… just, look at that cookie! What’s more, Lin is only 16!

3. @jacqsowhat

Last but definitely not the least is @jacqsowhat. Similarly to @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie, she does food photography as well but leaves a short succinct review of the food (for all you foodies!). We love that her feed is interspersed with food and travel photos! And and, Jacqueline is a self-confessed media geek and she currently works on inflight entertainment for airlines! How cool is that!


Now, is it lunch time already? 🤤 

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