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Pieces that bring out the best... comments

It's February, the month of love!

With Valentine's Day around the corner, instead of the usual gift recommendations, we will do one better and highlight some of our ceramic pieces that have started the weirdest of conversations and... mini-arguments! As they say, one man's meat is another's poison.

Him vs Her

Handmade pottery | Singapore ceramics giftsTangan Accessory Dish by Rani Aryani

First up on our list is this tangan accessory dish. A big hit with the ladies, this hand dish (although food safe) is probably not the most practical for the kitchen due to its size. On one occasion in our studio, a lady was really bent on getting it to which her partner commented. 

Him: You can't put much on it!
Her: But it's so cute! I can put anything on it - keys, coins, anything la!
Him: What? You can only put a chilli padi on it!

 Mum vs Daughter

Group Partner Banana pot | Singapore potteryBanana Female Pot by Group Partner

We love the series by Group Partner so much and we just can't think of any reason why people would dislike them, but Ly's mum just dislikes / hates / detest them. Yes, she hates even the more 'normal' ones like this banana female pot above!

Ly's mum: They are so obscene! 
Ly: Ma, they are fully clothed you know! 
Ly's mum: But still can see things. Aiyaaaaa.

Neutral Ground

Handpainted terracotta pots | Ly Yeow

We didn't even dare to show Ly's mum these designed pots that we collaborated with Ly Yeow on! Not surprisingly, we have had an entire range of emotions from customers whenever they see these - from "Ewwww" all the way to "That's so cute!". Well, you can't please everyone right? 😂

Mum versus son 

Handcrafted faces mugs | Singapore ceramicsFace mugs by Sindstudio

A lady came by the studio with her son during the Open Studio period, wanting to buy the kimchi boy cup for him. But she changed her mind after this short conversation we heard, which made us roll all over the floor laughing.

Lady: I'm going to get this cup for you. It makes me happy just by looking at it! 
Boy: It is creepy.

Period. End of conversation. Nada.

The One to get tongues wagging

Vulva fertility dish | handmade ceramics for womenVulva dish

Vulva fertility bowls | Handmade ceramic gifts for womenVulva bowls

Unsurprisingly, this vulva series by Rachel Charge is the ultimate number 1 conversation starter! Once you cast your eyes on it, you will either love it or hate it within the first five seconds. And wait till you hear the story behind the inspiration for this series. A customer once exclaimed,

"A vulva? Why would anyone make a bowl depicting it!"
 Aesthetics vs Practicality 

Handmade ceramic lace plate | Singapore pottery giftsLace plates by Ignata Ceramics

These lace plates were our favourite for quite some time! What's not to like when each piece has an intriguing design and it comes in different pastel colours. One day, a close friend came by the studio, saw the lace plates and commented, 

"It's pretty. But won't the zhap (food pieces) get stuck in the crevices and make it very hard to wash?"

We were dumb-struck. We have seen our fair share of imprinted ceramics and have always been smitten by them but have never thought about its practicality. Oh well, at least it is pretty! Here's another plate with such crevices, this time imprinted by a plant.

Handmade tableware | Singapore pottery gifts plant loverLeaf plate by Zong Chanasumon 

Life is short!

Handcrafted ceramic wave plate gold lustre | Singapore potteryCloud wave plate by Amelia Kingston

A customer bought a similar smaller cloud wave plate and dropped by to pick it up at our studio. Then, she asked us, "Actually, what can I use it for? I just thought it was pretty so I went ahead to buy it". Life lesson: Life is short, buy what you like! Side-note, these wave plates rank pretty high up on Ly's favourite list! 

Our little confession

Although the curation of our collection is done mostly by Ly, the final shortlist has to be agreed by the both of us. And hearing all the funny comments and squabbles over our pieces reminds me of ourselves when we are debating on which artists to shortlist and bring on board Eat & Sip! Hint: usually Ly wins.

Happy Valentine's! Oh yes, Valentine's Day is never about the presents but should be about the quality time you spend with your loved ones. But if you ever need a thoughtfully handcrafted present, you know who to look for! 

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