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Pretty indoor plants you need to get right now!

It's safe to say that almost all of us have been bitten by the green bug before (all Instagram's fault). So what do you do when bitten by the bug?

Go out and buy plants of course. But us being us and having black thumbs, we killed almost all the plants we bought the following month (or week)! That's when we started to research and learn from the pros on easy plants to grow indoors in Singapore.

So here's a list of 4 easy-to-grow plants:  


Number 1 on our list is the most widely recognizable, if not instagram-mable plant, the Monstera Deliciosa. It’s also know as the (Swiss) Cheese Plant, no prizes to guessing why it's called so.

The Tableware Curators Singapore - Indoor plants  
This would be perfect for a HDB flat @charlotteamberlouise

As its name depicts, its monstrous in size, and it can easily grow up to 30 ft in the wild and 3 feet indoors. Of course, with constant pruning, it can be easily kept in our HDB flats.  

Indoor plants and cats - Eat & Sip

Cats & Monsteras @whatabouther_nl

Just imagine this in your house: 

Eat & Sip - Indoor plant
Massive envy right now @tropicaloco

Alternatively, if you are tight on space, you can just choose to keep one or two leaves in a vase as well and they can last from 1-3 weeks. 

Monstera leaf indoor plants - Eat & SipLooks so nice right? @gardenista


Deliciosa's smaller cousin, Adansonii, is probably the more feasible solution if you love the Monstera plant but don't want it 'eating up' too much of your living room space. Looks great no matter where it’s placed!

Monstera Adansonii - Eat & Sip


You can also put some hooks onto the wall so that your precious Adansonii can climb all over your walls, like this:

Indoor plants Singapore - Handmade tableware


And that's our cute little Adansonii, growing well in our studio! We shall post a progress shot of it in a few weeks. 

Eat & Sip studio - Monstera plant

I think... I can't stop looking at the Adansonii. 

Monstera leaf indoor plants - Eat & Sip



This is our favourite! Called the 'prayer plant', the Calathea is an interesting decorative plant because its leaves fold up at night, and unfold again in the morning.

Calathea indoor plant - Singapore


The Calathea caught our eye at the nursery for its patterned leaves, somewhat similar to watercolour stripes and we brought it home despite not knowing anything about it.  

Check out the patterned leaves: 

 Calathea indoor plant - Growing plants in Singapore

Sits very well on the window sill too!
Calathea plant - growing in singapore 



Name's a mouthful, but it's more commonly known as the string of hearts. The string of hearts is a plant that looks great on a shelf or in a hanging basket. Its beautiful trailing hearts would be sure to catch your guests’ attention. 


String of Hearts - Singapore Plants to grow
 A 10-year-old string of hearts @graceandthorn
Indoor plants to grow in Singapore - Eat & Sip
A close-up of the hearts @my_mini_jungle
They are soooo easy to care for (I can attest to that because mine’s still thriving!) and the trailing hearts can get really long.
String of hearts - Eat & Sip

 You can also just give them a trim, propagate and voila! Before you know it you would have a couple of pots around the house. Annnnd, they’re great as gifts too!  

Relaxing with plants - Singapore
Who needs curtains when you have plants? @sylplants
There you go. If we can grow these, you can, too! Also, let us know if there are any plants suitable for beginners that we left out and we will include them in!

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