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Styling your home with plants

Being on lockdown for the past 2.5 months and having to stare at the same few spaces in my house, I have come to realise that... my plants are severely neglected, disorganised and terribly displayed.

I was always envious of picturesque-green Instagram accounts. You know, the ones that somehow manages to display green foliages so aesthetically in all the usual living spaces such as the bedrooms and living rooms. So, I finally got down to searching on ways I can style my house with plants and made a list!

1. Let it creep all over 

This is probably my favourite way of displaying the foliage of a plant - letting plants grow and creep vertically. Grab some transparent 3M hooks from a hardware store, stick it to a wall or a doorway and you are good to go! Pro-tip: 3M has a transparent light/cord hook that is perfect for this exact-use case

Now that you've got your hooks, here is some inspiration on how to use the vertical space in your house. 

Home and decor Singapore | Adding plants in your home
Let the greens be the center masterpiece of your house (Photo by @jamies_jungle)

Home and decor Singapore plants | HDB urban jungle Or you can always just let them creep all around. (Photo by @plantismus)

How to style your home with plants | Singapore urban jungleFor a display that is a little bit more controlled, you can try this. (Photo by @_annalouise._)

2. Think out of the box, use props!

If creeping plants are not your cup of tea, why not decorate your house 'the green way' with pots and planters? But this time, prop these pots up with objects of varying height. That way, you can draw attention to more diminutive plants you may have! 

Look around you, chances are there is already something you can use to display your pots and planters. Stools, suitcases or even coffee table books will do the trick. Go crazy creative!

Singapore ceramics pots | Styling your home with plantsHere's our attempt - we reckon a more colour-coordinated book stack would look much better!

Plants make people happy | Styling your HDB Singapore How ingenious is @thedogatemyplant's mannequin idea!

Singapore urban jungle | Plants make people happy
Love the use of the rattan stroller as a pot holder! (Photo by @azaleabastiean

Singapore urban jungle | Plants make people happy Another of @azaleabastiean's display that uses rattan!

Plants make people happy | Styling your home with plants Almost anything can be used as a prop - including old skateboards and unused metal cages! (Photo by @satie_san)

3. Hang them up! 

Having said all that, the simplest yet the most aesthetic way (or at least I think so) to style your house with plants would be to hang them up. Just find some ropes or strings, secure it to your pots and tie them up onto rods or hooks and there you have it, your very own curtain of greenery! 

Pro-tip, think about how you are going to water the plants before deciding on a place to hang them. You can also consider hanging dried flowers or eucalyptus leaves so that your house will have that aromatic smell all the time! 

Home and decor Singapore | Styling your home with plantsA curtain rod does the trick for @behind.the.turquoise.door

Plants make people happy | beautify your home with plants@Greeneryandcoffee picked up a random branch and repurposed it as a 'rod' to hold their plants.

Plants make people happy | Singapore urban jungleYou can even repurpose a ladder to act as a horizontal 'rod' to hang your plants from. (Photo by @comedowntothewoods)

Home and decor Singapore | How to decorate your home with plantsI'm beginning to like these display ladders a lot! (Photo by @katiehome20)

Hope we've given you a little bit of inspiration of how you can style your house with plants instead of just leaving them along the corridor (we are guilty of it too)! Here are a few more ideas you can adapt, good luck!

Home and decor Singapore | Decorating your home with plants@satie_san turned his books into vases, it may work with pots too. You can watch his tutorial here.

Home and decor Singapore | How to style your home with plantsSo simple yet classy. How did I not even think of this? (Photo by @satie_san as well)

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